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» What Is The Best Level Of Drug And Alcohol Treatment For You?
By Bill Urell | Published 07/8/2007 | Recovery/Treatment | Rating:

Prior to looking  for a drug or alcohol rehab program, we have to examine the level of care needed and assess the severity of the substance abuse problem. There are several levels of use of mood altering drugs, and there are numerous types and levels of treatment avaialable. Within each classification there are variances of cost, and length of treatment. Here are some levels of care and examples of what may be appropriate for a situation.

» Getting Drug Addiction Treatment
By Bill Urell | Published 11/16/2005 | Recovery/Treatment | Rating:

Drug addiction treatment is available to assist an individual with drug addiction through treatment that is tailored to individual needs so that individual can learn to control their addiction and live normal, productive lives.
» Addiction Help:Where To Turn
By Bill Urell | Published 10/19/2005 | Addictions , Recovery/Treatment | Rating:

There are rehab and addiction help facilities and counselors available to assist you with your individual need.

» Cocaine Addiction : An Epidemic
By Bill Urell | Published 10/14/2005 | Addictions , Drug Addictions | Rating:
The effects of cocaine addiction can vary depending upon the person suffering from cocaine addiction.
» Sweetie, Does This Dress Make Me Look Fat? The Crash Diet.
By Bill Urell | Published 10/9/2005 | | Rating:

Here we go again trying to hide the roll in the B and B (butt and belly)and get into shape for the big night. The time-honored solution of The Crash Diet.

Recent Articles
» Top Tips for Choosing a Treadmill
By Paul Reeve | Published 01/5/2009 | Fitness | Rating:
Treadmills come in various shapes and sizes, with a confusing array of features and priced from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Choosing the right type of treadmill can be very confusing due to the huge variety of these machines. Here are some top tips for selecting a good treadmill that suits both your lifestyle and your budget.
» Get a flat and Nice Stomach - Practical Advices
By Knut Holt | Published 01/2/2009 | Fitness | Rating:
A nice stomach depends on right amount of fatty tissue, strong stomach muscles and good digestion. Here are advises to achieve this goal.
» Vitamin D and Its Importance for the Health
By Knut Holt | Published 01/2/2009 | Vitamins | Rating:
Lack of vitamin D seems to be common in many populations and this increases the frequency of weak bones, heart problems, poor blood circulation, cancer, aging signs and age related diseases. Here you can read about the functions of vitamine D and how to get enough of this substance.
» The Secret to Choosing Exercise Equipment
By Paul Reeve | Published 12/23/2008 | Fitness | Rating:
Today it is even more important that we look after ourselves to keep pace with our stressful lifestyles.With the limited time that many people have available it is not always possible for individuals to go out to gyms and health clubs, many companies have come up with advanced exercise machines for home use. But how do we go about selecting the right exercise equipment We disclose some of the secrets of choosing exercise equipment.
» Treadmill Reviews - Choosing the Perfect Treadmill
By Paul Reeve | Published 11/24/2008 | Fitness | Rating:
If you are in the process of selecting a treadmill, then you have two options. You could spend a lot of time as well as energy in searching and researching about the various types of treadmills available, their features, pricing, etc. Alterrnatively you could just browse through treadmill reviews to understand much faster all the needed details about treadmills, but which treadmill reviews provide authoratative information
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